Basic Wedding Transportation Tips

It takes certain know-how and enough info to get to your wedding destination in a stylish manner. Here are some important wedding transportation tips that will help you enjoy a flawless wedding and capitalize on top transportation options.

  1. Book at Least Four Months BeforeThe first thing you should do after you have settled your wedding date, location and wedding size, is to hire your transportation company. If you are married in June, which is the graduation season, formal vehicles will definitely be in quite high demand, so you might need to call in and book your transportation even earlier. The same goes true for vintage cars, which compared to limos are available in shorter supply.
  1. Know the OwnerEven though it might sound unimportant, knowing the owner of the company you want to rent from comes with great benefits. First off, he might give you a clean 10% off your order. He might also find you the vehicle of your dreams if he does not own it. A car rental company owner talks with other owners in the industry to give you what you want. If you do not know the owner personally, you can send him a private message or try to know him through certain people.
  1. Make the Book in PersonTo enjoy a flawless wedding transportation experience, make sure you make the final reservation in person. While you may ask quotes over the phone or chat with the company’s employees on live chat, booking in person allows you to see firsthand the vehicle you are going to travel with.
  1. Go BigYour wedding day is the most important day of your life, so you should be luxurious. Opulence is the right word. Special features, such as your favorite champagne, music or certain clothing arrangements for the driver, might cost you a fortune, but they will definitely contribute to the overall experience of the day.
  1. Add VarietyTo enjoy a personalized experience driving to and from your wedding, add variety to your means of transportation. You can choose to go to your wedding location in that beautiful Limo and come home in a green Beetle. Let’s not forget the large SUV with tinted windows and armor plates. That’s a great way to show off.
  1. Spread the FunFor a complete transportation experience, share your moments with your wedding guests. A luxurious bus has become a popular way to travel to your wedding. You can also rent a limo for the whole day and let your guests take a ride of maximum 5 minutes each to enjoy the experience of traveling in style.